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Woven Sack Making Machine Hyderabad

Woven Sack Making Machine Hyderabad

using a wider application. Woven sacks are much stronger & can withstand much higher impact loads. These sacks are much cleaner & resist fungal attacks. These sacks have many advantages over other conventional sacks materials are quite a in price. Highly efficient for cutting accurate length and proper bottom folding and stitching of any kind of woven fabric Features. Our company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction to maintain a long-term relationships.

Woven Sack Making Machine Hyderabad

using woven bags are a wide variety of packing agro products, chemical products, fertilizer, flour, sugar, etc. The features are high mechanical and impact strength, resistance to abrasion and bending, have low weight, and easy to dispose of or recycle.

These bags used to be plain-looking and delicate carriers in the past. People used to complain about how these bags easily got ragged when they put in heavy packages. However, with time these bags are getting better.

They are now more long-lasting and what’s more remarkable is that they are even more useful than before. The area of expertise of our organization is the production of woven sack-making machines. Offered in diverse grades and dimensions, this Bag Making Machine has been constructed and developed from the optimum quality and is offered in a diverse assortment. Equipped with 4 folding pockets, 4 parallel folds machines, and three deflectors, this Bag Making Machine is broadly used in parallel folding applications.

We are offering this Paper Bag Making Machine at a reasonable price.

Woven Sack Making Machine Hyderabad:

Type Of Bag: HDPE, PP, BOPP, LENO.

Production Capacity: 30-40 Bag/Minute (depending upon the bag size)

Folding Device: Single Fold & Double Fold.

Brand: BWC.

Folding Width: 20 to 25 mm Adjustable.

Operational types of equipment: Power Supply 440 Volts,3 Phases,50 C/S 5 HP Air Compressor. 

Raw Material Procurement: Customer End.

Finished Product Details: Rotational Mounding Machine.