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Woven Sack Making Machine Chennai

Woven Sack Making Machine

, is extremely dependable and economical, these sacks and bags are light in weight and ideally suited for corrugated or wooden boxes, machinery, packaging of cloth bales, and many other finished goods for complete protection during transportation and storage. We can supply the full range of sizes, shapes, and colors as per your requirement. Our range of types of woven polypropylene sacks includes regular uncoated PP bags, laminated (coated) PP bags, or pp bags with liners. In addition to this, we can offer up to 6 color printing on each side.

We offer an exclusive designed 

 Non Woven Bag Making Machine.

One can make bags from our Non-Woven Bag Making Machine with extra charging its machinery. This Non Woven Bag Machine is a new product that designed by our technician according to the demand of the market. It can design different specifications, different shape bags at low cost with high quality. It is our delight to provide our clients with high-quality Non Woven Bag Making Machines. The bag-making machines sold by us are in great demand in Indian owing to the switch over to eco-friendly products.

Woven Sack Making Machine Chennai

Woven Sack Bag Making Machine can automatically accomplish the normal-length thermal cutting as well as the bottom Hemming for the woven cloth in a roll, which saves labor forces. It adopts the which precisely controls the length of the bags. After the heating, cutting, the plackets of bags are easy to open, not conglutinated. By pneumatic up coiling, it is easy and convenient to control. woven sack fabric cutting machines features alloy steel cutter and web guide system to achieve high precision in involved fabric cutting operations.

The Features are Equipped servo motor for precise cutting length (± 1 mm), Equipped high-quality alloy steel cutter, Equipped web guide system

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