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Difference Between Ultrasonic Sewing Machine & Hydraulic Punching Machine

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

the safe storage of our offerings, we have installed our own storage facility. Laced with modern amenities, our facility helps us in furnishing urgent requirements of the clients at a time. We are staffed with a team of deft professionals who diligently furnish varied requirements of the clients and ensure qualitative packaging of the placed orders.

Hydraulic Punching Machines

from our products come with a solid build as the materials used for their manufacture are largely meant to avoid wear and tear from continuous use. Being one of the leading suppliers of quality U & W punching machines, we regard product quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Owing to its operational flexibility, our machinery finds use in various production systems and also has the advantages of being compact and space-saving. Our wide range of manual U&W cut Punching Machines is a result of years of experience in the field.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Sewing Machine;

It adopts the PLC programmable  logic controller as main control,touch screen.

Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic system,Edge positioning control system.

Equipped with photoelectric tracking material,stop automatically when finished.

Stepping Motor for feeding material.

Photoelectrical eyes for tracking printed bag and the feeding error.

Vector inverter as speed regular.

Benefits of Hydraulic Punching Machine;

Hydraulic High Speed Punching Machine with low energy consumption, less consumable parts and low noise level.

Hydraulic High Speed Punching Machine with high output and high efficiency.

Easy precise adjustment of Oil pressure, head punch location, and lower dead point.

Add on accessories: safety light curtain, die clamp, robot arm, and feeder.

Control mold: Auto PLC control, buttons operated by both hands simultaneously, head punch home-return on hands-off, double pressing prevention.

Capable of being used as individual operation equipment or one of the serial automatic manufacturing systems.