Surgical Cap Making Machine

is being used in medical fields, the covers and protection gears are perfect for supplying hospital needs. We also have raw material slitting machines, unwinding and rewinding machines specially designed for industrial use.

Features of Surgical Cap Making Machine:

With PLC system control, the stability is high, the failure is low.

Imported deceleration brake motor effectively reduces the defect rate of products.

This machine with aluminium alloy rack,the appearance is beautiful and will not get rusted permanently.

Under replacing the mould it can produce the different specification Surgoencaps.

It is a fully automatic production machine from raw material supplying to finished product output.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the after-sales service?

We provide a 1-year guaranty and technical support lifetime. All machine parts can be replaced for free within 1 year if broken(excluding error operation).

2. Is it difficult to install the machine?

The workshop should prepare full facilities such as power and air compressor. For the first installation, the engineer will be sent to set the machine and do the machine training as long as manual instruction. For the further problems come out, we can provide video instruction as well.

3. What’s the machine lead time?

For the standard machines, we can deliver within 30 days. If it is customized by the customer(OEM), the lead time is 35-55 days.