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PP Woven Sack Making Machine in Hyderabad

PP Woven Sack Making Machine

Fully Automatic PP Woven Sack Making Machine in Hyderabad

Five Fingers Export (An ISO: 9001 Certified co.,) a very Automatic PP Woven Sack Cutting and Stitching Machine is also a high-speed conversion line for crosscutting, bottom folding, sewing and ultimately stacking of finished HDPE/PP Woven fabric bags in one continuous operation. Depending upon the material, the width of the fabric, etc.This machine is also used for bag conversion from plain woven (non-coated or coated) and printed woven fabric our advanced machine with servo and PLC controls are designed for cloth width up to 300 – 800 mm and with accelerates to 30 -40 bags/min.

Best PP Woven Sack Making Machine Manufactures in Hyderabad

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Woven Sack Making Machine Hyderabad

Woven sack making machine in Hyderabad

Woven Sack Making Machine Hyderabad using woven bags are a wide variety  of packing agro products, chemical products, fertilizer, flour, sugar, etc.The features are high mechanical and impact strength, resistance to abrasion and bending have low weight, and easy to dispose or recycle

Serving Locations: Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all parts of India.

Woven Sack Making Machine

Woven sack making machine

Woven Sack Bag Making Machine can automatically accomplish the normal-length thermal cutting as well as the bottom Hemming for the woven cloth in a roll, which saves laborforces.These new generation machines are designed for crosscutting the tubular fabric, bottom folding, sewing, and stacking.

Serving Locations: Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and In all parts if India.


What is PP woven sacks?
PP Woven sack are toughest packaging bags, high demand in the industries of grains, milling, sugar and food. These back are made from polypropylene woven fabric.
How do you know if a polypropylene is non-woven?
It’s easy to tell bags are woven or non woven. Just look inside if it has a checker-board look of weaving, like threads going at ninety degree angles, it is woven or If it has a steady textured look, it is non-woven.
Is polypropylene eco friendly?
Yes, Non-woven polypropylene is eco-friendly and widely accessible across many industries. You can enjoy its safe, benefits, reliable, and durable fabric for your fashion items.
Is woven polypropylene biodegradable?
No, Woven polypropylene is not a biodegradable one.