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Fully Automatic Paper Straw Manufacturing Machine

is used worldwide for manufacturing Bio-Degradable Paper Straw (tubes), The machine is simple to operate and maintain and can produce various International standard sizes of products by changing relevant toolings, The machine is made based on the 48 years experience by using brand new components from International brands for trouble-free performance and effective after-sales service, etc.

The machine is compact in design and is provided with user-friendly Digital HMI for faster setting of the machine, commanding of process, monitoring of product data, etc, The synchronized Online Multicutter operated with Servo Drive ensures smooth performance with lesser wastage.

Features of Paper Straw Making Machine;

Used only with brand new parts from leading International brands for better performance and to avail effective after-sales service, replacements, etc.

Multicutter travels alongwith movement of products (tubes) to ensure burr free cutting, lesser wastages etc.

The cut tubes are automatically collected and stored in the collector for easy packing.

The major components and enclosures etc are made from Stainless steel for better protection and hygiene to the end products as well.

The power driven glue rollers ensure smooth and consistent glue application to the layer.

The reel can be spliced online with simple manipulation to get maximum utilization of the machine hours.