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Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Bangalore

Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Bangalore,

The machine is mainly used for sealing, cutting, embossing synthetic fiber fabric processing. Ultrasonic and special steel roller, no harm to the edge of the material, no rough selvage. 2-in-1 model machine suitable to print multi-color in a single pass. Touch Screen with Pneumatic impression system with Air Compressor. This machine technology is the latest and adopts a unique structure and this is a new design of a third-generation soft loop handle sealing machine, which is the best machine instead of a manual handling sealing machine. This machine’s main quality is Centre adjustment for bags for accurate quality.

Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Bangalore Manufactures

a full range of Single Color, Two Color, Three Color, Four Color Printing Machines, etc. The Non Woven Bag to Bag printing machine is compact & has an efficient design. Non Woven fabric printing machines have been specially made for quick printing to meet the requirement for quality short or long run jobs on Non Woven bags & fabrics. This has developed next generation Three Color Non Woven bag Printing Machines to offer high-quality printing 4 color results in Non Woven Cloth Printing.

This is a 2-in-1 Model Machine suitable to print high-quality multi-color printing in a single pass on Non Woven bags. The Features are High tensile, strength, Precise, dimensions, Excellent finish, Easy to maintain

Machine Features of Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Bangalore:

Long Life and Excellent Print Quality

Printing Cost is Very Cheap 

Quick Printing

Precise Ground Hard Chrome Plated Cylinders

Hard & Ground Gears

Pre-Set Copy Counter

Single Lever Operation for Inking, Damping & Impression