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From First Supply to over 3122+ installations in a short span of just 9 years, FIVE FINGERS have emerged as a Market Leader in the Non Woven Medical Disposable, Bag Making,

Bag Printing Machine,

Offset Printing and its allied Machinery Industry. An Engineering Graduate Mr. A.Ananth, Mr. K.P.Arunkumar, Mr. M.Mohamad Imran Badusha started this Firm in October, 2011 with utmost desire of becoming India’s No.1 Company in Manufacturing and Supplying of Packaging, Printing and Medical Disposable Sector. After finishing our graduation in 2011, We started FIVE FINGERS with an investment of 2,00,000 as partners contribution with just 200 sq.feet. Like everyone, as first generation Entrepreneurs , we also faced pressure and questions from all corners . It took almost 5 years for us to cross the breathing period in this business by learning via failures. But we hope always continues. Whatever problems we faced in manufacturing in first 5 years, we learned the technicals of each machineries thoroughly in these days. Being engineering graduates, we are able to learn the basic of machines and its components involved.

By that time, many factories and colleges who running the same business in our state invite us for doing service and repairs in their factories. We used to go to many factories for doing service support. After some time, we get lots of inquiries for spares and services. Then we started to stock the spares which are necessary to repair the machines, especially ultrasonic equipments in huge and we trained 15 technical staff who are travelling with us in this journey from starting to till.

Clients who are satisfied with our service and spares support started to ask machineries in short time. One of our prestigious clients, M/s. Amit Packaging who got spares and service from us gave him first orders for the machineries in 2015. After that, he purchased more than 25 fully automatic bag making line with us. Then we started to promote the machineries in all parts of our state, then all parts of India, then all over the world. We have supplied machines to all states in India and exported to many countries like Nepal, Srilanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, UAE, South Africa, Tanzania, Iraq, Iran and Egypt. Now in this 9 years of journey, we promoted our machines to more than 3000 companies globally… It almost took 5 years for us to learn the technical part of the machines.

In the initial days, we awaited for more than 25 days for just Rs.250 worth spares from China in 2012. But now we awake. We are always being so conscious that whatever problems, whatever struggles we faced regarding running the machine, our clients shouldn’t. That’s why we trained 15 technical staff in an efficient way for doing service, for assembling even the Dismantled machines, for identifying and rectifying problems, repairing Ultrasonics client factory itself. Wherever we supply the machines, our technical staff will stay and give trainings. Wherever we installed the machines, we supply spares in 2-3 days if required by client to enhance continuous running the machines. As a leading Non-woven Machine spares supplier in India, with more than 12000 different spares, We are now meeting the requirements of our client, as well as to the client who purchased machines from other machine suppliers in the market.

Words we used to believe
“” If you have machines running Nonstop , you have won that business for Life “”


Oct 2011

Commencement of FIVE FINGERS NON-WOVENS with 200 sq. ft rented building in Smalltown Namakkal in Tamilnadu, India

Automatic N95
October 2011 – Commencement of FIVE FINGERS NONWOVENS with 200 sq. ft rented building in Smalltown Namakkal in Tamilnadu, India  
Feb 2013

FIVE FINGERS EXPORTS Commencement for Doing Overseas Business

Jun 2014

Become Supplier to TNCSC ,Government of Tamilnadu

Apr 2015

First Nonwoven Bag Making Machine rolls out of the Assembly Division

Aug 2015

Establishment of FIVE FINGERS EXPORTS in Coimbatore . We Shifted from Small town Namakkal to Manchester of South India – Coimbatore

Jun 2017

Installation of 100th Machine

Dec 2017

Installation of 250th Machine

Dec 2017

Installation of 25 th Export Shipment in Srilanka

Dec 2017

Launch of Nonwoven Multicolor Printing Machine

Feb 2018

Launch of Paper bag Making Machine

Mar 2018

Launch of PP Woven Bag Stitching Machine

Mar 2018

Installation of 500th Machine

Sep 2018


Nov 2018

Installaton of 1000th Machine

Aug 2019

Installation of 2000th Machine

Sep 2019

Opening Indias Largest Live Demo Centre for Packaging , Printing and Disposable Machines ( We stepped into our Newly Constructed 15000 sq.feet factory in Coimbatore , India ) Which is located 5 kms from both Coimbatore Railway Station and Coimbatore International Airport.

Oct 2019

Launch of Four Color Offset Printing Machine ( Nonwoven , Paper and Cotton )

Jan 2020

Shipment Rolled out Continously to Hong kong , Singapore , Iraq , Nepal , South Africa , Canada , Mexico , UAE and so on

Feb 2020

Installation of 3000th Machine

Mar 2020

(Make in India logo) Started manufacturing of 3 Ply Mask Machine, N95 Mask Machine, Bouffant Cap Making Machine, Tie loop Fixing Machine, Surgical Gown Machine and so on

May 2020

Launch of Online Client Support for Installation ( During Covid Lockdown)

May 2020

(Make in India logo) Completed Manufacturing of 50th Surgical Mask Machine in 40 Days and started rolling out to all companies in India.

Sep 2020

2020 – ( Make in India logo ) Completed Rolling out of 200th Surgical Mask Machine

Jan 2021

Launch of Paper Straw Making Machine

Jan 2021

Launch of Fully Automatic 3 Ply and N95 Mask Machine

Jan 2021

Launch of Medical Disposable Machineries

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